5 – 8 MONTHS

Happy baby smiling at parents

Their world is more detailed

As the control of eye movements improve, your baby now starts to develop a three-dimensional view of the world[1].

At 5 months of age, babies have developed the ability to see in colour[1] .

Infants between 5 and 7 months of age can distinguish between the facial expressions of happiness, anger, fear, and surprise[2].

At about 8 months old, most babies start crawling. Crawling helps to further develop coordination between the eyes, hands, feet, and rest of the body[1] .

[1] Infant Vision: Birth to 24 months, American Optometric Association (2021),
[2] Bornstein, M. H., & Arterberry, M. E. (2003). Recognition, categorization, and apperception of the facial expression of smiling by 5-month-old infants. Developmental Science, 6, 585–599.

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