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If your baby does not seem to be visually alert, if you notice any of the above signs or symptoms, or if you have any other concerns, please contact one of the following health care professionals in your local area:

Your family GP or Paediatrician

Your GP is your primary care provider and can direct you to the best next steps to provide care for your child. Your Paediatrician can also answer your questions at your next visit.

To find contact details of a service near you, click here.

Maternal / Child and Family Health Nurse

Child and family health nurses give free services, support, and information to families with children from birth to 5 years. Child and family health services vary in different states and territories.

To find your nearest SA facility, click here.


Optometrists are university-trained eye care professionals who examine, diagnose and treat eye and vision problems. You do not need a referral to see and optometrist.

To find an optometrist near you, click here.

Paediatric Ophthalmologist

Paediatric Ophthalmologists are specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of vision or eye problems in babies and children. To see an ophthalmologist, you need a referral from your GP or optometrist.
To find out more about the services offered by paediatric ophthalmologists, click here.

If possible, try taking a photo or video of your child’s eyes if there is something you are worried about. This will help when talking to an eye health professional.

Some other great resources are

Raising Children Network
Information for parents, resources and activities for children.

Cataract Kids
An Australian charity designed to improve support for children with cataracts and their families, to enhance clinical care and to build connections with research across Australia.

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