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Early diagnosis and treatment of infant eye conditions enables the best chance of visual development

We know eye problems run in the family. Knowing your family history of vision or eye problems in childhood will alert your doctors to know what to look out for.
Some eye problems that occur during childhood can interfere with vision development. This is called ‘amblyopia’. The need for glasses (refractive error) or a turned eye (strabismus/squint) can cause amblyopia. With early detection, amblyopia can be treated very successfully.
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Sometimes vision problems are hard to see

Poor vision in one eye is difficult for a parent or caregiver to detect as a child’s vision will always be as good as the better-seeing eye.

This is why community vision screening at a young age is really important.

Eye health professionals can check an infants’ vision even before they learn how to talk!

Here are important signs of eye or vision problems:

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